2022 Session Week 1 Update

Greetings from Richmond!

The 2022 session of the General Assembly has begun! While we no longer hold a Democratic majority, my colleagues and I will continue to work to protect the progress we made over the past few years, especially to protect our critical gun safety measures and protections for voting rights as well as a number of other priorities for Virginia residents.

Here in Richmond, Democrats are wearing masks and being actively careful while our Republican members, guided by the new Governor, have chosen to ignore these protective measures. I believe we owe it to our members and staff who deal with some serious health issues to follow these basic protocols, especially as we know that the newest COVID-19 Omicron variant is extremely contagious.  

Even if you are fully vaccinated - please use good judgement and wear a mask if you visit the Capitol in-person.  

My staff and I are available to meet virtually or on the phone at any time. At this time I am not holding in-person meetings in my office in the Pocahontas Building for more than two people at a time and only if masks are worn. You can call my staff to set up an appointment. As we settle into this session, we will send out weekly updates and additional information. Stay tuned! 

Below you will find my proposed legislation for this session as well as information on how to participate in the legislative process for the 2022 session. I appreciate hearing from you and hope you will share your concerns with me and my colleagues.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected] for any questions or comments you may have.  I look forward to hearing from you and having you participate in the legislative process.  

Be safe, be kind, and let’s continue working together!


Delegate Kathleen Murphy
District 34 

After working with organizations and various stakeholders, I currently have had 9 bills Drafted. I am still waiting for a few bill drafts to come back. You can view my bills and keep track of their status on LIS. I am pleased that our new Speaker has asked me to continue to serve on the Finance, General Laws, and Transportation Committees.

My current bills include: 

HB 390 Medical assistance services; violence interruption services.

HB 392 Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP); investigation of deaths.

HB 431 Qualified health plans; state-mandated health benefits.

HB 442 Income tax credit; employers of G3 Program or cybersecurity graduates.

HB 445 Broadband service; new residential and commercial development.

HB 475 Protective orders; petition; human trafficking and sex trafficking; penalty.

HB 476 Retail Small Business Grant Program and Fund.

HB 525 Higher educational institutions, nonprofit and public; hazing policies.

HB 993 Unlawful hazing; amends definition, penalty.


How to participate in the 2022 General Assembly Session: 

Watch the House Floor Sessions

To watch the House Floor sessions, visit the Virginia General Assembly Webpage - click Members and Session (left-Blue tab) and then click House Floor Video from the list. Once the livestream webpage loads, click on Now Playing and look for the Regular Floor Session for that day and click to play. Floor Sessions will begin at 12pm daily, unless otherwise stated on the LIS calendar. 

Senate Video Floor Stream: view the  Senate Live Session Video Stream Page. Click Session to view the live Senate Floor Stream. Senate Floor session begins at 11am unless otherwise noted. 

How to look up Legislation for the 2022 Session

The Legislative Information System (LIS) can be used to view the status, history and even print your very own copy of any current or previous legislation. You can find legislation by each member of the House and Senate, as well as by bill number. You can view my bills and track there status, here.

Provide Virtual Testimony in House Committee Meetings 

On LIS you can view the  daily meeting calendar to find our schedule for the House and Senate Committee meetings and floor session. You can click “signup” to provide virtual public testimony in a specific committee and/or provide written comments on any legislation throughout the session. The website for sign-ups is called HOD Speak. You can also find the upcoming Committee meetings on the House Committee Schedule Webpage.

Provide Testimony in Senate CommitteesOn the Senate video stream page, you can  click on the meeting you would like to attend (listed in the yellow box) and  register to provide virtual public testimony via ZOOM.

Contact Team Murphy

For constituent services, please email my Chief of Staff, Adrienne at  [email protected], or call the District Office:(571) 766-6414, or the Richmond Office: 804-698-1034. Please follow me on Facebook for important updates.